Photo credit: Maria Overlay


Promoting the conservation, sound management, and sustainable use of Indiana’s wildlife and wildlife habitat through education, advocacy, and action.

Since 1938, the Indiana Wildlife Federation (IWF) has played an important role in conserving Indiana’s natural resources. Our organization is a nonprofit, grass-roots affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation. Working on behalf of Indiana’s hunters, anglers, gardeners, conservationists, and outdoor enthusiasts, we advocate for commonsense conservation practices that will protect the future of wildlife and wildlife habitats in our state.

With this mission in mind, we have developed a strategic plan centered around education, advocacy, and action.

Educate Hoosiers on conservation issues. The IWF promotes the wise use of our renewable resources through educational programs like our Certified Sustainable Trails and Certified Wildlife Habitat programs.

Advocate on behalf of Indiana’s outdoor heritage. The Indiana General Assembly passes laws that can have a profound effect on our natural resources, wildlife, and outdoor recreation activities. We advocate on the behalf of Hoosier wildlife, educating and informing government officials about the impact of their legislation.

Take action to protect wildlife and wildlife habitats. We work with state agencies and other organizations to monitor Indiana’s wildlife and habitats, including Hoosier lakes and rivers, air, and soil.