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Native Animals

Indiana’s native fish and mammal species are a precious and vital part of our environment. Here you can explore and learn about the diversity, unique lifestyles, and environment of the native wildlife that call our state home.

Monitoring and protecting our wildlife from invasive species is an important part of maintaining Indiana’s natural heritage. You can help identify and report invasive species through Report IN.

Learn more about the current state of wildlife diversity and research through the Indiana Department of Natural Resources’ 2019 Wildlife Science Report.

Native Fish

From darters to chubs, discover Indiana's diverse fish population.

Fish Taxonomy

Native Mammals

From bats to bobcats, discover Indiana's diverse mammal population.

Mammal Taxonomy

Native Birds

From owls to bald eagles, discover Indiana's diverse bird population.

Bird Taxonomy

Native Reptiles

From skinks to turtles, discover Indiana's diverse reptile population.

Reptile Taxonomy

Native Amphibians

From newts to salamanders, discover Indiana's diverse amphibian population.

Amphibian Taxonomy

Native Mussels

From fanshells to elktoes, discover Indiana's diverse mussel population.

Mussel Taxonomy