Sustainable Trails

Support the conservation of local ecosystems and your community by certifying a wildlife-friendly trail in your area. The IWF Certified Sustainable Trails program was designed to encourage the transformation of trails among thriving habitat corridors that both people and wildlife can safely enjoy.

Partners are encouraged to utilize the program to fit their own unique goals and priorities. The IWF team will work alongside you as you either construct trails or restore the accompanying habitat to better serve the people that use them and the wildlife that live near them.

As an IWF partner and environmental advocate, you can provide educational opportunities, economic value, as well as a higher quality of life to your community.

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Our Trails

Brownsburg Parks | Maple Ridge Trail

940 S Locust Lane, Brownsburg IN 46112
Moderate .79 miles

Greenwood Stormwater Operations & Nature Center

225 S Washington St, Greenwood, IN 46143
Easy .5

Scott Starling Nature Sanctuary

Northwest side of Eagle Creek Reservoir in Eagle Creek Park, off Wilson Road
Easy .6 miles

St. Mary of the Woods | Lake Le Fer Trail

Northwestern Terre Haute, Indiana
Easy 0.5 Miles

Urban Wilderness Trail

The east side of the White River to the south side of the Fall Creek tributary in Indianapolis