Native Plants

Native plants are defined as species which are present in our natural ecosystems in the absence of human interference. Native plants were not brought here as ornamentals, nor did we accidentally import them. They were here long before us. Native plant species are vital to our ecosystems because they have developed important, often crucial, relationships with our wildlife. IWF encourages using native species in your home garden because it offers an opportunity to fulfill our responsibility as stewards of our environment and because it gives you a unique way to experience the wonder of wildlife at home. Native plants support our dwindling pollinators, provide host opportunities for insects who have lost their natural habitats, and are beautiful flowers and grasses you can be proud to have on your property. Since our native species are best suited for the soil and weather conditions in Indiana, they are the perfect plants to grow in your yard. They require no fertilizer, no pesticides, and less water than non-native species, all while attracting and supporting Indiana’s wildlife.

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