Photo: Garden of Long-time Members Steven & Elizabeth Mueller

Certify a Wildlife Habitat

Rapid and large-scale changes to Indiana lands and waters mean wildlife are losing their homes. With some simple changes, you can transform your backyard into a wildlife refuge filled with resources for bees, butterflies, birds, and amphibians.

Through the Certified Wildlife Habitat® program, you can work with the National Wildlife Federation and Indiana Wildlife Federation to turn yards, neighborhoods, schoolyards, work landscapes, places of worship, and roadside green spaces into havens for Hoosier wildlife.

Earning your certification is easier than you think! Here is what your wildlife garden should include:


Native plants provide food eaten by a variety of wildlife. Feeders can supplement natural food sources.

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All animals need water to survive, and some need it for bathing or breeding as well.

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Wildlife need places to take shelter from bad weather and places to hide from predators or hunt for prey.

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Places to Raise Young

Wildlife need resources to reproduce, and to protect and nourish their young.

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Sustainable Practices

Maintain your yard or garden in natural ways to ensure soil, air, and water stay healthy and clean.

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How to Certify

When you certify your habitat through the National Wildlife Federation, $5 of your certification is returned to the Indiana Wildlife Federation to support Hoosier wildlife programs. Start your online certification or download a print application.

For an additional $35 donation, you can purchase a 9×12 IWF Certified Wildlife Habitat sign for your backyard. To request your sign and show your support for Indiana wildlife, email