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Native Plant Sale

Support the Indiana Wildlife Federation and Hoosier wildlife by purchasing and planting native plant species. Through a partnership with Stantec (formerly Cardno) nursery, we sell high-quality, low-maintenance, and cost-effective nursery propagated native plants. These species thrive in the soil, moisture, and weather of our region, making them the perfect addition to your garden no matter what the soil is like.

Each kit contains 50 plugs. There are 10 species with 5 plugs of each species.

Bare root stock may vary in size and pricing, but comes in bundles of 25 whips.

Returns are not accepted on live materials. Kit availability is subject to change and substitutions may be made on species within kits.

IWF Native Plant Orders are only available to Indiana residents.

READ BEFORE ORDERING: Plant kits will be delivered through UPS to your door beginning in the second week of June for spring orders and the first week of September for fall orders. Spring orders must be placed by April 1st. Shrubs will only ship in the first week of December. Fall Native Plant Kit orders must be placed by August 28th. Fall shrub orders must be placed by August 5th.

If you have any questions, please view the FAQ at the bottom of the page before emailing.

Our Native Plant Sale is now OPEN for FALL 2024! Our Shade Kit is being offered in Fall for the first time ever!

We are currently trying out an interim plant sale with National Wildlife Federation and Garden For Wildlife. To view the plants being offered, click here!


Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Check out our FAQs. If you don’t see the answer you are looking for, send us a message on our contact page.

What plants are in each kit?

While species may vary based on availability, current kit species can be viewed by visiting our Native Plant Finder and opening the filter tab at the top. You can select each kit from the green quick filter bar and the species in that kit will be displayed.

You can also view the shrubs we offer by selecting the bare root stock filter.

The Native Plant Finder includes MOST species. For a full kit breakdown, including possible substitutions, please download our complete list here.

How much space does a plant kit cover? How many plants will I need?

Indiana native plants can vary in size quite a bit. Our recommendation in to plant one foot on center, a full 12 inches between each plug, for a full looking garden. Native plants do best when they are contacting each other as they would in a natural setting. Some plants can be installed greater than one foot on center without falling over, but they may lay down in heavy rains without other plants to support them.

Our formula is to multiply your number of native plants by 1.1 to get the square footage they will cover when planted one foot on center. Planting 18 inches on center will double the square footage they will cover. Planting 24 inches on center will quadruple the square footage they will cover.

  • 12 in. on center – 50 plants will cover 55 sq. ft.
  • 12 in. on center – 100 plants will cover 110 sq. ft.
  • 18 in. center – 50 plants will cover ~100 sq. ft
  • 24 in. center – 50 plants will cover ~200 sq. ft.

How big are the plugs?

The plants are round-tapered plugs – approximately 2 ¼ in. x 5 in. with open bottoms.

Will they bloom the first year?

Our plugs arrive in late May, just as many native plants are beginning to flower. You may notice some of your summer or fall species attempting to bloom in their first year in the ground. Flowering takes a huge amount of energy, so you’ll want to make sure they stay well watered. During the second year, you will see many more flowers as the plant establishes.

If you plant during the fall, you are placing dormant stock in the ground and are unlikely to see flowers so late. The benefit to this is that the plants require less water over the winter and will have showier flowers in their first spring.

Will substitutions be made?

Due to availability and growing conditions, substitutions may be made for certain species within kits. All substitutions will be appropriate for the kit’s design.

When will my plants arrive?

Spring orders for native plant kits will be shipped beginning in June. Fall orders will ship between mid-September and mid-October. Bare-root shrubs will begin shipping the first week of December.

Do I need to sign for delivery or will my plants be dropped off?

Plant kits currently ship via UPS, which does not typically require a signature. However, we do recommend that you are available to unpack the plants as soon as possible to avoid damage to them.

What should I do with my native plant kit after arrival?

After delivery, remove the plug trays immediately from the packaging and set them in a cool, semi-shaded area until you are ready to plant. If the soil around the plant roots is dry, irrigate to keep the roots moist, but not saturated. If watered properly and protected from extreme conditions, such as excessive heat, sun, strong winds or frost or freezing conditions, plants should be fine in their plug trays for up to a week, but we recommend planting as soon as possible for best results.

Are there any special instructions for planting?

To remove the plug, push upwards from the hollow bottom of the cell containing the plant while gently holding the plant by the stem.

Once removed from the cell, use a soil knife or your fingers to break up the root mass. Plants can become “root bound”, where the roots wrap around the soil ball, and will be less successful if planted this way. Do not be afraid to break some roots. This will encourage healthy root development.

Plugs should be planted “at grade”. This means the soil where they are planted should be at roughly the same level as the soil in the plug. Make sure the plug is fully in the hole you dig, but don’t heap dirt over top of the soil from the plug.

If using mulch around the plug, do not mulch up to the plant itself. Leave the soil bare around the plant. Mulching too close could encourage rot and damage the plant.

Water thoroughly immediately after planting. If the weather is hot when you plant, make sure to water often. Natives don’t need much additional water once established, but new plugs need quite a bit in their first year. If you’re planting in the fall, you will need substantially less water for your plants.

What should I do with my bare root shrubs after arrival?

After delivery, remove the trees/shrubs immediately from the box and store them upright to prevent mold growth. Keep roots moist until plants are installed. They may be held in buckets or containers of water on-site; however, if plant material will not be installed for a week, do not keep in standing water. Keep plants in a cold, dark area to prevent them from breaking dormancy until you are ready to plant. Bare root trees and shrubs can be stored this way for several days but check frequently for signs of mold and to make sure they are adequately watered.

Are returns accepted?

Returns are not accepted on live materials.

Have additional questions?

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