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Through workshops focused on conservation and education, the Indiana Wildlife Federation is working to build a network of Hoosier environmentalists. Our custom workshops are a perfect way for your family, friends, and coworkers to learn the basics of building a certified wildlife habitat, making a difference in climate change, and serving as everyday conservationists.

Gardening for Wildlife Workshop

The Gardening for Wildlife Workshop is a unique educational opportunity for individuals and families who are interested in protecting the natural beauty and local wildlife of Indiana. Program participants will learn about native plants and animals, explore the links between their communities and larger ecosystems, and discover how to create wildlife-friendly habitats.

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Indiana's Wild Climate Workshop

Our Indiana’s Wild Climate Workshop explores our state’s place in the climate crisis. We discuss the origins of climate science, the implications for Indiana, and how we can do our part to fight the greatest challenge of our time. The threat of the climate crisis can often seem too big and daunting to take on, but we will break down the facts about our climate role and discuss why it isn’t too late to make a difference.

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Living with Wildlife Workshop

Our Living with Wildlife Workshop explores the interactions we have with wildlife and why they are so often negative experiences for both parties. At IWF, we don’t refer to any wildlife as a “nuisance” because the problems which arise from our encounters are often our fault. In this workshop, we explore how humans interact with wildlife in negative ways, what causes those interactions, and what we can do to prevent bad experiences with wildlife.

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Aaron Stump

Habitat Programs Manager

Aaron joined the Indiana Wildlife Federation in 2016 as Habitat Programs Manager. Born and raised in Indiana, he received a degree in computer graphics from Purdue and moved to Oregon. While there, his love of nature was rekindled and, after 4 years, he and his wife decided to move back home so he could pursue a degree in environmental science from IU. Aaron has worked with field geologists and as an intern for the Indiana government, but his real passion is working for non-profit organizations. He loves to spend his free time hiking, camping, and gardening.