Take Climate Action for Indiana Wildlife

Resources to help you take action on climate in Indiana.

The climate conversation is heating up on Capitol Hill and we have a great opportunity to reach our legislators while the talk is HOT. Indiana has two United States senators and due to their committee placements they each could have a big impact on global climate initiatives. It is time Indiana’s senators hear from you about climate. If you’re interested in reading a complete backgrounder on climate policy, check out this recent blog post from our partners at National Wildlife Federation.

The challenges facing our nation’s fish and wildlife are intensifying rapidly as habitat is fragmented and degraded, invasive species and disease spread, and climate-fueled droughts, wildfires, heatwaves, flooding and hurricanes become the new normal. The White House and Congress’s infrastructure plans need to provide resources and investments to address America’s wildlife crisis and help communities that depend on healthy wildlife populations to thrive. Strategic investments in wildlife recovery programs, habitat conservation and reconnection, and wildlife crossings will help safeguard biodiversity, create jobs, and reduce regulatory uncertainty.

Review these quick talking points before you reach out using any of these methods:

CALL: 202-224-5623
TWEET @sentoddyoung

CALL: 202-224-4814
TWEET @senatorbraun

Additional Climate Resources:

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