‘Go Wild’ Tips for National Wildlife Week

Looking for a way to enjoy and help local wildlife during National Wildlife Week (March 9-15)? Check out the tips below to see how you can get involved:

  • buy native plants (you can buy them right now during our annual Native Plant Sale or visit local nurseries that stock natives)
  • visit a state park, fish & wildlife area, or preserve (visit the Indiana Department of Natural Resources for a complete list of natural areas near you)
  • watch out for invasive species (help keep invasive plants and animals from harming native wildlife by monitoring them with the Great Lakes Early Detection Network (GLEDN) app. It’s free and available for iOS and Android phones!)
  • photograph wildlife and share your pics with friends and family
  • recycle (not sure what you can or can’t recycle? Our friends at the Indiana Recycling Coalition have great information to answer all your recycling questions!)
  • create a habitat in your yard, neighborhood, school, or workplace (visit our Habitat Programs page to find out where to start)
  • volunteer (share a few hours to help local conservation organizations serve wildlife’s needs)
  • become a citizen scientist (help keep Indiana’s water clean for people and wildlife by monitoring water in your area. See the Hoosier Riverwatch program for details.)
  • share the beauty of wildlife with kids (try these activities for connecting kids and nature from the National Wildlife Federation)