Nuisance Geese Tips

When Canada geese return for the spring, it’s usually a welcome sight. It means winter has finally passed, and warm weather is surely on the way. However, geese can be an irritant for many landowners and can even cause property damage. Listed below are some helpful tips to prevent conflict and handle geese if they become a problem.

  • Don’t feed geese! This can cause geese to skip or delay their migration, lose their fear of people, and increases their chance of developing and spreading avian disease.
  • Add vegetative barriers or suspended grid systems to make land less attractive to geese
  • Air horns and sprayers are useful nonlethal techniques to scare geese away
  • Removing nests without eggs is legal
  • A permit is required to capture and relocate the animals, remove nests with eggs, and shoot geese outside of hunting season.

For more information, visit the Nuisance Canada Goose Management page.