Help Get RAWA Across the Finish Line!

Recovering America’s Wildlife Act (RAWA) is close to the finish line! The House of Representatives has already passed RAWA. The bill has the support of both Republicans and Democrats n the Senate but must be passed before December 21, 2022. Passing RAWA is vital for protecting wildlife in the Hoosier state. Today over 150 species are at a heightened risk of extinction. This bill has the opportunity to bring home $18 million annually and unleash a new age of conservation throughout the state! We are asking each of you to contact your Senators and demand they help Indiana Wildlife through this transformational legislation.
CALL Senator Braun: (317) 822-8240 or (202) 224-4814 EMAIL Senator Braun:
EMAIL Senator Young:
CALL Senator Young:
You can also go to the National Wildlife Federation’s website to fill out a form that will automatically be sent to you Senator urging them to support RAWA by clicking here: .