Director Leaves Indiana Wildlife Federation, Takes On Asian Carp

Zionsville, Ind. – After four years as Executive Director of the Indiana Wildlife Federation, John Goss has taken a position with the Great Lakes Commission to address the Asian carp invasion of the Great Lakes.

As Asian Carp Director, Goss will coordinate a regional effort to prevent a full-blown Great Lakes invasion by the nuisance fish.

IWF has benefitted greatly from Goss’s leadership and work to put organization on the forefront of numerous environmental issues in Indiana.

In 2008, IWF worked with state officials and a coalition of environmental and business groups to make Indiana the first state to fully adopt the Great Lakes Compact, an international agreement to limit the amount of water removed from the Lakes.

With IWF’s support, Duke Energy is building a coal gasification power plant ready for carbon capture and storage.  Goss represented Indiana in development of the Midwest Governor’s Association Energy Platform, a regional plan dedicated to exploring and expanding clean energy in the Midwest.

Goss also worked as a tireless advocate for sound fish and wildlife rules.  In late 2009, Goss led revitalization of the Indiana Sportsmen’s Roundtable, a grassroots advocacy group representing hunting and fishing organizations from around the state.

Hoosiers have also benefitted from Goss’s involvement in major land acquisitions, such as the Goose Pond Fish and Wildlife Area, an 8000-acre wetlands restoration project in Greene County, and Putnamville/Atterbury land swap, which resulted in a net gain of about 800 acres for recreational use.

Recently, Goss started IWF’s Phosphorus-Free Lawn campaign, which discourages the use of phosphorus in lawn care.  Excess phosphorus runs off into waterways and stimulates toxic algae growth.  IWF expects to see legislation restricting phosphorus use come up in the next session.

Goss’s impressive track record with the Indiana Wildlife Federation suggests he is up for the carp challenge.

“John has served as the Executive Director for IWF for four years and we will really miss his leadership,” said Steve Cecil, President, IWF Board of Directors.  “While we hate to see him leave, we truly appreciate all that he has accomplished for our organization, and we are proud that one of our own has been chosen to coordinate this very serious wildlife management issue.”

The I.W.F. Executive Committee has begun the search process for the Executive Director position and will soon be taking recommendations and/or resumes.

“We have been fortunate to have benefited from John’s broad natural resources background, and it will be difficult to find a worthy replacement.”

Since 1938, the Indiana Wildlife Federation has promoted the conservation, sound management, and sustainable use of Indiana’s wildlife and wildlife habitat through education, advocacy, and action with the vision to create sustainable Indiana wildlife as a source of inspiration, education and recreation.  For membership inquiries or for more information about the upcoming Executive Director position please call 317-875-9453.