Photo Credit: Maria Overlay

Take Action for Wildlife


A package of bills that could greatly improve the future of America’s wildlife—and the lands and waters we share with them—just passed the Senate. Now, we need your voice to ensure it passes out of the House and is signed into law.

I can’t overstate what a great win for wildlife and our wild public lands and waters it will be to get this package of public lands bills signed into law.

Please send your member of the House of Representatives a message right now urging them to vote YES on the public lands package to revive and make permanent America’s best program for protecting the lands and waters we share with wildlife.


That program, the Land and Water Conservation Fund, provides protections for everything from huge swaths of habitat for grizzly bears and mountain goats to support for parks and outdoor spaces that nurture butterflies in our cities. It has touched the lives of people in every county in this country. With this vote, it will be a permanent program for the first time ever.

And if that’s not historic enough, it is just one bill in the package of over 100 public lands bills that the House will be voting on. These bills will protect over a million acres of wilderness, hundreds of miles of wild and scenic designations for rivers, and a suite of bills for the sporting conservation community that’s been over a decade in the making.

This package of conservation bills is a bright and healthy light during a divisive time—proving that protecting our nation’s wildlife and wild public lands and waters has a remarkable power to heal and bring people together.

Please do one thing to secure this win for wildlife. Click here to send a message to your Member of Congress.

Ask them to support the public lands package. Let them know they will be making history by casting a vote to permanently reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Ask for their support to protect over a million acres of our wild public lands and hundreds of miles of our waterways.

We’re so close to a historic win for wildlife and our wild public lands and waters, and you can help ensure it. The vote is happening within days. Please take action now!

Thank you so much.

With gratitude,

Tracy Stone-Manning
Senior Advisor for Public Lands
National Wildlife Federation Action Fund