National Million Pollinator Garden Challenge Launches

This week, the National Pollinator Garden Network and 25 partner organizations launched a new project, the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge, to help stem the tide of population declines among pollinating species. The project, announced on June 3rd, hopes to achieve its goal of registering a million gardens that support pollinators with food sources produced by native and non-invasive plants by the end of 2016. Providing nectar and pollen-generating plants is a key tactic for rebuilding the numbers of bees, butterflies, birds, and other pollinating species that are so critical for healthy, sustainable habitats and agriculture.

The Challenge is an easy and effective way to help fight one of the biggest threats to wildlife worldwide—habitat loss. Find out more about the Challenge and register your pollinator-friendly habitat through our joint certification with the National Wildlife Federation!

Join the #polliNation today!

Want more information about which plants to use in your garden?  Visit our Native Plants page for native species recommendations or the Pollinator Partnership for detailed ecoregional plant lists.