Indianapolis Is A Top City for Wildlife

The National Wildlife Federation has recognized Indianapolis as #8 on the top 10 cities for wildlife in the US. Each city was ranked according to its amount of parkland, level of public activism on behalf of wildlife habitat, and the number of schools incorporating outdoor learning in wildlife-friendly spaces. Indianapolis has received special attention thanks to its resident peregrine falcon, KathyQ, and her popular Facebook profile and webcam.  KathyQ and the other falcons are a terrific reintroduction success story for the state and great encouragement for future conservation efforts.

Other cities recognized by NWF for their contributions to wildlife include: Austin, Portland, Atlanta, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Seattle, Albuquerque, Charlotte, New York City, Los Angeles, and Broward County, FL.

The full list is available at

Want to learn more about KathyQ?  View her activities via IndyStar’s webcam or visit her Facebook profile.